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Marcia Ostashewski

Call for Papers: 2016 Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology

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The Program Committee consists of Klisala Harrison, Chair (Finland), Adriana Helbig (USA), Pamela Onishi (Singapore), Anna Morcom (UK), Zhang Boyu (China), Marcia Ostashewski (Canada).

We invite proposals for individual papers, organized sessions and in-community workshops (e.g. at public library, school, cultural centre). Organized session proposals should include an abstract for the session as well as an abstract for each individual paper.

Additionally, delegates may wish to propose to perform at Celtic Colours, or to participate in the research project centred on that festival or other applied projects.

Submission process:

By November 15, 2015, please submit the following to

  • a 250-300 word abstract
  • a 100-word (short form) abstract;
  • an abstract submission form  – DOWNLOAD THE ABSTRACT FORM BELOW; and
  • a 1-page CV, highlighting relevant positions, publications and accomplishments. Please clearly state your complete affiliation and contact information.

The 5th Symposium of

the Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology,

International Council for Traditional Music

 Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada

October 5-9, 2016  

The ICTM Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology welcomes proposals for its first symposium in North America, hosted by the Canada Research Chair in Communities and Cultures at Cape Breton University, on the picturesque island of Cape Breton in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. This symposium is running immediately before the Celtic Colours International Festival, a festival showcasing international performing artists while building relationships with and promoting Cape Breton’s living Celtic culture (

The symposium welcomes proposals for standard academic papers. In addition, delegates have the option of offering an in-community workshop (e.g., at public library, school, cultural centre); proposing to perform at the Celtic Colours International Festival; and collaborating on applied ethnomusicology research projects, one of which will be focused on the festival.

Proposal submission deadline: December 10, 2015 

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